The "doobie" (a derivative of its original name "tubi") is a process for straightening hair that yields results quite comparable to a chemical relaxer. The name "tubi" comes from the tube-like wrapping process involved in creating luscious bouncy hair. Many African-American women are opting to straighten their hair with the Dominican "doobie" in lieu of adding chemical straighteners to their hair. The doobie process involves a wash and deep condition, then a roller set (on huge rollers.) The client is then placed under a hood dryer for about 45 minutes. After the rollers are removed, the hair is then blow-dried under high heat with a round brush that pulls hair straight from the roots. The results are similar on both natural and chemically relaxed hair-one reason why black women are flocking to Dominican salons to have the treatment done. Dominican Hair Salons are experts at extending your straight perm. The Dominican hair stylists take a blow drier and a roller brush and blow out your roots. That way, the roots lay flat and blend in easily with the relaxed hair. It's a routine thing for many African American women to extend their perms at Dominican hair salons. It prevents perm overlapping and over processing. It also creates more volume for the hair and saves the customer money. The roller set is a unique technique that Dominican hair salons have mastered. They roller set your hair using little or no setting lotion, sit you underneath a very hot, very thorough dryer and allow your hair to completely dry. After your hair is dry, the Dominicans take a hand dryer and a round brush to blow your hair out while gently curling it with a round brush. While all of this may sound like a lot of heat styling, it really is absolutely nothing compared the heat of a curling iron. After the roller brush technique is finished, you are left with bouncy, shiny, fabulous looking hair and the best thing is you'll only end up paying around thirty five dollars and up, depending on your hair length, for the entire process. Dominicans themselves have a variety of textures of hair so no head of hair is too kinky, straight, limp, fine or etc.